Recovery Shake 2,5 kg



Available in  naturel / salmon / chicken flavour

The Recovery shake contains  ingredients to ensure a fast and effective recovery of your dog’s muscles after intensive exercise. Optimal muscle recovery is important for optimal performance.

The shake can be used for all healthy dogs that perform intensive exercise during training or competition.

Like canicross, bikejoring, mushing, dog scooter, agility, fly ball, tracking or hunting dogs.

Dissolve a measuring spoon (approximately 17 grams in 100-200 ml of water ad let your dog drink within 30 min after an intensive exercise. 1 scoop is for a 10 kg bodyweigth

kg hond scoop 
10 kg 1
20 kg 2
30 kg 3
40 kg 4

In addition to the performance shake it is important that your dog always has the availability of sufficient amounts of fresh drinking water.

Keep cool and dry


Maltodextrin, wheyprotein, dextrose, astaxantin, vitamin A, vitamin D3,
vitamin E, Calcium, phosphor, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, iodine, cobalt,
Nutritional value:

Protein: 23% • Raw fat: max 20% •
Raw as: 1%• Fibre: 0%
Nutritional value is based on unflavoured shake, with a
flavoured shake nutritional value can vary upto 15%.

Complementary feed for dogs

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Weight 2.5 kg

Naturel, salmon, chicken

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