Norwegian Salmonoil 500 ML



Norwegian Salmonoil 500 ML

Salmon-oil is rich in omega-3-fatty acids  EPA and DHA. These essential fatty acids support the  immune system and have proven anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon-oil is an ideal supplement for dogs with joint or other inflammatory conditions. Salmon oil has a beneficial effect o the skin and supports a beautiful shiny coat and is therefore a good supplement for dogs with skin problems .

This salmon-oil comes from farmed Norwegian salmon and is of the so-called FF1 quality, the best quality available.

* Rich in omehga-3-fatty acids  EPH and DHA
* 100% natural
* Helps skin and coat problems
* Supports the immune system
* God for heart and blood vessels
* Helps reducing joint complaints
* Suitable for daily use

5 ML per 10 KG hond

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